Foreign Rights

Eksmo, one of the largest publishing houses in Europe, was founded in 1991 as book distributing company. In middle 1990-s Eksmo started to gain its leading position as a publisher on the Russian book market to become No. 1 in Russia. Eksmo is now operating in all segments of the book market and all genres of literature.

Eksmo today is:

  • 25% of the Russian book market;
  • the largest portfolio of authors in Russia – 8000 names;
  • the biggest total print-run - 80,000,000 copies per year.

Eksmo is recognized for high standard content that comes in a variety of forms across fiction and non-fiction. We offer extensive range of titles from the most prominent and emerging Russian authors. Some of our authors are well-known worldwide. Eksmo titles are translated into many languages of the world and can be found in the bookshops of European and Asian countries. Eksmo introduces the most amazing book and media projects, successfully promotes international and Russian media and publishing brands. As for the authors, we are in a constant search for new names and invest a lot into development of Russian literature.

Whatever subject or genre chooses the reader, we have a lot to offer.

Our values:

  • Quality.
  • Innovation.
  • Unique design.

Foreign Rights Sales:

Fiction and Non-Fiction: Natalia Poleva
Tel.: +7 495 411 68 86 ext. 1244

Children’s books: Nailia Timershina
Tel.: +7 495 411 68 86 ext. 2186

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Program to Support Translations of Russian Literature