100% Focus

Ekaterina Dodonova
128 pages;

The author of very popular books on memory and learning introduces her new book on what it is that we most need in our present VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world.

«Alit to keep focusing is the main currency of our time.»

«What do we need to orgasm?» I often ask my audience at my lectures. Someone will say: «A competent lover» Others might shout out: «Good imagination.» I continue asking until someone says: Focusing.

Why do you need this book?

  • It’s an easy read. The author herself has been immersed into the reality of multitasking like each and every one of us, and knows firsthand how inattentiveness can become a problem. She seeks and finds a solution.
  • A lot of practical advice (40% of the entire book). 50 life hacks that will help you focus better (as declared on the cover) is just the tip of the iceberg. Ekaterina Dodonova not only measures the reader’s focus level at the beginning of the book, but assesses their progress at the end. She does so because she is 100% confident in the result.
  • Exercises, focus games, brain training — all these creative techniques will take you to a new level of focus.
  • A winning combination of genres. This book will be ideal for readers with different character types, tastes and needs. It includes statistics, life hacks, recommendations, attention exercises, notes in the form of the author’s personal diary, and even a little bit of esotericism and mysticism for those who believe in the help of the Universe more than in science.

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Ekaterina Dodonova is a training specialist, memory and attentiveness coach, instructor, business coach, and methodologist of educational programs.

Invited lecturer: Plekhanov Russian Institute of Economics, Skillbox Online University, Synchronization Cultural Platform, etc. Her corporate clients include: MTS, Efes, Danone-Unimilk, Campina, Mary Kay and others. She is the author of Smart Chocolate Series (100% memory, 100% «A» Student), the rights to which have been sold in Slovakia and China.

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