2:36 Alaska Time

Anastasia Gor
576 pages;

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Post apocalypse, crime fiction, mystery, young adult love story

The morning came only for her....

«My end of the world was on August 27th. At 2:36 all people on the Earth fell asleep and I was the only one to wake up in the morning.

It was like a nightmare: cold, longlines, terrifying shadows along the roads, my trembling hands and quiet.

But there is something there, in the mirk. Maybe I am lucky and I am not the only survivor? Or not lucky...»

Jamie Reis is the only student to wake up in all of Alaska on the morning of August 27th. Chris Rose is the only cop left on Earth after the fatal 2:36 on the clock. They have tough task: she needs to cross several states to get to her family, and he should not allow himself to ruin everything. Indeed, this new world has something in store ... As does Chris himself. When all of humanity dies in a sleep, what is better — to wake up or die with it?

«The story is full of controversies, multifaceted personalities and rambling across snowy forests. One enigma is followed by another gripping you tight and keeping you guessing until the end.»

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