3D Natural Embroidery: Unique Techniques and Workshops

Polina Laamanen
144 pages;
full color;

Without exaggerating, this is a truly UNIQUE edition!

The embroidery technique, which borders on fine art, is presented by talented artist Polina Laamanen. Her technique of three-dimensional realistic embroidery has been tremendously popular online. In this book, she generously reveals the secrets and techniques of volumetric embroidery and, with the aid of her detailed and wonderfully illustrated instructions, anyone can now master this new skill! The book includes a colorful selection of the artist’s works. Plants and flowers, animals, birds and fish all come alive before our very eyes. Polina presents the best techniques for creating volume, playing with light and making your work look realistic.

The book is intended for beginners and experienced craftsmen alike. It will help them master the most popular and beautiful type of needlework, get tremendously inspired and learn a new useful skill!

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