Helga Wojik
352 pages;
A novel from Marvell and DC Comics illustrator;

Lost in the mountains and rocks, at the end of the world there is Abbarr — the city of bists, where cast-of outsiders come to find haven. This is the place light up by a green fire of Abyss. Power and weakness tied together activating ancient myths and prophecies.

You can not find this place on maps, but you can start a new life here, leaving behind everything you loved, everybody you trust and yourself.

The world of Abbarr makes you fall in love with its little creatures as you can see them on the pages of the book. The legends of Abbarr fascinate you, the city has a rich history, but it is told in different ways by various races living here.

This is the first illustrated fantasy novel in the series very close to «light novel» (renobe) genre.

Helga Wojik — illustrated official franchises of Marvel, Game of Thrones, DC Comics, Star Trek.

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