Akhmatova. Life in 6 Chapters

Dennis Dvinsky, Askold Akishin
64 pages;

First graphic biography of Anna Akhmatova!

The authors of this graphic biography, script writer Dennis Dvinsky and famous comic artist Askold Akishin, put an accent on outstanding episodes from Anna Akhmatova biography. These episodes balance on the verge of reality and mystic, but they truly make the world and life of the great poet vivid, help to feel the rhythm of her words.

How did a girl from a noble family grow up to be the idol of a few generations, acting against all traditions and prohibitions? Why did outstanding writers and artists seek after her friendship? What is the mystical artifact that could play a fateful part in her life — and in the life of the whole country? And did it truly exist?

Her name was Anna Gorenko, but the whole world knows her under a different name, Anna Akhmatova. 6 stories. 6 chapters from the book of the great poet’s life. 6 stages of her thorny path in life.

Love, betrayal, complicated relationships with her husband and son, writing bans from family and then government, her attitude to homeland, and war...

How did this woman after all the hardship she had to endure, manage to become the symbol of two generations, the literature icon and voice of life itself?

This graphic novel will tell you about the most vivid moments in the life of amazing Anna Akhmatova!

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