Gabriel Bilich, Elena Zigalova
520 pages;
  • For medical students and general readers who want to learn more about human body.
  • From the authors of the best Russian anatomy and physiology books for medical students and doctors.
  • For those who like Netter’s Anatomy and The Anatomy Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit and Lawrence Elson.

It has never been so easy to learn anatomy terms in Latin! The most popular RussianLatin human anatomy atlas in Russia, in a new convenient coloring-book format! Study the structure of cells, tissues and organs with the help of the coloring atlas and discover the wonderful world of human body! 

The secret of the method used in this book is that you see an organ fi rst and read information about it, that’s how the eye’s memory is engaged. You then choose the color and what you’ll paint with the help of the color guide, and color one organ using different paints, that’s how the kinesthetic and muscle memories are engaged. You can repeat what you have learnt and nail down the knowledge with the help of special check-lists in the end of each of the 12 sections.

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