Anthropologist's Guide to Paleontology

Stanislav Drobyshevsky
464 pages;

«Bones spilled around is an anthropo-fest with amusement rides and sweet treats», — Stanislav Drobyshevsky, Russian anthropologist, science communicator, PhD. Biology, associate professor of Department of Biology, Moscow State University, scientific editor of and a man of good sense of humor.

Primeval ocean and poisonous atmosphere. Landfall and terrible disasters. Scenario for horror films, you think. No, Precambrian and Paleozoic, we reply.

How was life born?

What happened to the atmosphere?

And how did all this affect the development of our Earth?

Original illustrations, earth reconstruction in different periods, clear and captivating narration. will help you immerse yourself in the fantastic world of paleontology.

It will be useful to anyone interested in the history of the Earth and the most ancient creatures.

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