Big Binge Theory

Galina Turetskaya
136 pages;

PhD in Psychology, Institute of Psychology of Russian Academy of Sciences, and a member of Professional League of Psychotherapists helps to discover the reasons behind your binge overeating. Over 100 000 people overcame eating disorders following the powerful psychological practices the author presents in the form of a game.

The book is not really a book, it is a game. 25 psychological exercises, practice sections for writing down your thoughts and results instead of diet recommendations, recipes and old and tired advice «just stop eating of you want to lose weight».

Galina Turetskaya sees diets (any kind of diet, including the healthies diet) as a prison. The truth is that in order to lose weight we have to WANT to eat less and move more. WANT is the key word here. And online fitness and dietary coaching, books about healthy food, recent scientific research about the effects various products have on our bodies are all in vein. Simply because it is not our will to lose weight.

How do you consider food? Is it just a combination of proteins, carbs and fats or something emotional? For most of us it is the latter.

And here comes binge eating! Going through the exercises of this book, you will be able to eat whatever you want (yes, even fast food, but it is not good for the stomach), and be happy with a small bit of pizza, half of an ice-cream ball and a couple of sips of coke.

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