Business Witches

Svetlana Komarova, Elena Risberg
272 pages;

A thousand years old persuasion hammered into the heads of both men and women: «women power is in her weakness» made it illegal for women to be strong, wise and purposeful. Tenderness was substituted by child infantilism up to the grey hear, openness was converted into male manipulation and strength into a passive aggression. And now here comes the time of wild feminism — everything is being turned upside down.

Women of 40+ face this dramatical change of world order along with personal crisis, which is inevitable.

Business Witches is not yet another self-help feministic book or a women’s guide to career, though it is build around resources. It is a large scale change driver for women who know what they do. The book is written for those who feel they are leaders by nature, but something stands on the way. You will identify what it is and see a clear way to bring your ambitions to life.

«Yes, the world is far from those we were told about. Especially the world of business. The rules you thoroughly studied seem to belong to another game played somewhere else.
No justice.
No safety.
No guarantees.
Eternal love ends with death or divorce.
We abandon and get abandoned.
Children grow up and leave.
Sometimes children don’t happen to born at all.
Our world is not a good place for pink ponies. Pink ponies die here.

You believed in win-win, but your „win“ was crashed by the other’s unwillingness to negotiate. You thought the best specialists get promoted, but a dullard makes a career, and you keep working hard staying at the same position and polishing your talent. You expected to be loved, if you treat others as you wanted to be treated. But you get abused and simply used.... Congratulations! You have fallen into crisis. But this book is the right tool to sort out why this happened and to prevent you from falling in deeper.»

About the authors:

Svetlana Komarova

Career consultant of the leading Russian companies top managers, lecturer at The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), specialist in emotional-image therapy and system constellations, journalist, writer. Winner and finalist of «HR-Brand» Award and «Best HR Practices» Award, speaker at international conferences. Svetlana finished her corporate career at the position of business development director.

«What you did not accept in yourself and denied in others can become your real foothold.»

Elena Risberg

Board member of The Russian Coach Association, , lecturer at The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), jury member at All Russia Coach Competition, business-technologist, methodologist, specialist in emotional-image therapy and system constellations, NLP-practitioner, writer. Finished her corporate career at the position of top manager of Sberbank of Russia responsible for finance products for mass and lucrative segment.

" Your value is not in the strength or weakness, it is not is your generosity or economy mindset, not in your wisdom or frivolity. Your value is in you as you are."

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