CAToLOGIC: The Secrets of Your Cat

Marina Zherebilova
416 pages;

This book by Marina Zherebilova, a professional animal psychologist, felinologist and creator of her own courses on raising kittens and cats, sets out ways to make your car happy, and make yourself happy too!

This is a book for pet owners, cat owners and those who plan to take in a cat. This is not just a very useful and highly applicable book with instructions, concrete advice and solutions from a professional animal psychologist, complete with examples and case studies. This is a truly essential book for those who want to make their cat healthy and happy. This book will tell you how to select the right cat food and adjust your animal’s appetite, how to deal with your cat’s lack of cleanliness or prevent it from clawing your furniture, how to avoid mental problems or aggression in your cat, fight cat allergies and much more.

  • The book will give you the recommendations of a professional animal psychologist on how to bring up a happy cat.
  • You will learn to understand your cat better and bring up the world’s best trained cat.
  • Useful instructions will help you to keep your cat mentally and physically healthy.
  • Find the root causes of behavioral problems and analyze ways to deal with them: the book not only describes the problem but tells you how and where it likely appeared in the first place.
  • The reader will get a list of alternatives, that is, alternative behavioral models for their cat .
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