Code of Destiny

Vladimir Fey
269 pages;
How to Know your Fate and Change Your Life ;

Imagine a woman. She is 34-44 quite well educated, possibly married or divorced, but there is always something to improve in her personal relations. Most often she is a decision maker in the family. She is a mom. Equally believes in God and mystic. Earns enough but might want for more, because sometimes money tend to «disappear» all of a sudden. She is superstitious and at the same time she approves contemporary medical and scientific achievements.

Her main questions to life:

«I have job, but it doesn’t bring joy. I am generally healthy, but there are some hidden problems, I am sure»

«I have always had a feeling that I need to do something else, but what exactly? I always wanted to be useful...»

«My life is not interesting. I want to start anew. What should I begin with»

«I can not get over a certain income threshold. How to overcome this?»

«I’ve read so many books, articles, blogs, took up challenges and marathons. But I am still where I was before. What’s wrong?»

We believe in miracles, especially in winter, especially on new year’s eve. We want some magic into our life, even the most material and practical of us.

This book — besides a good arithmetical exercises — suggests a key to see your destiny and change your life using just your date of birthday. And the author is oh so overly practical — not mystic, but a doctor!

Vladimir Fey, a clinical psychologist, in 2012 took Destiny Matrix method and supporting it with academic medical and psychological knowledge created a unique system of correction of harsh life situations. «Your fate is not your sentence, it is your chance to live a great life!»

This numerological method:

  • will help to avoid many mistakes associated with the choice of profession,
  • will help to neutralize karma and trust your instincts more,
  • will help gain public recognition and provide tools for your career and business development,
  • will help to understand how to solve your family problems,
  • will help to make your own health and well-being map.

The book provides useful applications and diagrams to help you understand the material.

This original system of destiny matrix is quite new. However, those acquainted with tarot might find something common in deciphering techniques applied to the symbols in the Matrix.

It is much easier to find answers to questions about relationships, finance, health and purpose if you have a trusted guide. Vladimir Fey’s book will light up the causes of health problems, lack of money and misunderstanding in relations with people. With the help of the original method of calculating the matrix of your life by the date of birth, you will not only clearly see what kind of difficulties you might face, but also determine the best direction for self-development. The method of Destiny Matrix is based on the influence of different energy flows, depending on your date of birth. You will find clear step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow not only for yourself, but also for your family, friends and colleagues. Get ready for amazing discoveries!

The book is based on 4 years practical experience, more than 4000 hours of individual consulting sessions.

The book consists of two parts.

The first part is devoted to creating a Destiny Matrix by the date of birth and assessing your destiny.

In the second part of the book the author shares his practical experience in improving the life by making a certain correcting steps on the basis of calculations made in the first part of the book.

The book contains fundamental and complete decoding six key positions in the matrix:

  • Personal purpose;
  • Public relations;
  • Parent — child relations;
  • Personal relationships;
  • Well-being;
  • Money channel.
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