Dealer of Realities

Dealer of Realities
Nikolas Dmitrov

416 pages;

Singapore of the nearest future has become the world capital of business and entertainment. Consumption has reached its limit, morals have gone out of fashion, religions have turned into fast food. Mankind is mired in debauchery and excesses. And the elite has a new, special kind of entertainment — a digital drug called «Personal Realities». They can satisfy any vicious and criminal imagination and, perhaps, get digital immortality...

Corporate spy Zoltán Vargo gets the task to enter the heart of a powerful corporation that prepares this drug for mass distribution. Zoltán has to find out the essence of the ominous project, however, he himself is drawn into a devil’s game: from a porno experiment over millions of people to the devaluation of all world religions. These events suddenly break all his plans, but help Zoltán discover one shocking truth...

The author knows well how big business works, what its morals and methods are, because he was engaged in information intelligence in large corporations. Using his philosophical and religious knowledge, the author explores the theme of blurring the boundaries between technology and reality, betrayal and love, fiction and truth, evil and good.

The book features drawings by fashion artist Nikita Kravtsov, who works with Vogue, GQ magazine and Lourdes Leon.

About the author:

Nicholas Dimitrov is a visionary, a dreamer, a Bulgarian polyglot with eleven languages, who wrote his debut novel in Russian. A vivid representative of the New Age movement, agnostic, self-made entrepreneur, traveler and pilgrim to the places of power. He is equally comfortable in the mountains of Tibet and at the Burning Man festival. Intellectual hedonist and collector of impressions.

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