Don’t Sleep Under a Fig Tree

Shirin Shafieva
384 pages;

«They say that if you go to sleep under a fig tree, demons will come for you and take your soul. Back that summer I did not wish to think about that. I rehearsed a lot, I wrote my songs, I loved my Saika and I dreamed of international fame. That summer, the wind smelled of the earth and honeysuckle. That was the summer that I died. It was just a harmless joke, a trick I played, that later turned into the most terrible nightmare. I did not wish to believe that what was happening was real. But when everyone learned about my death, and they started rotating my songs on the radio, I realized that I could not change anything anymore. I stood in the darkness, surrounded by ghosts and creatures from the other side, and could not walk out to people. And black guide dogs, servants of Gekata, came to take me to the land of the dead because I would not come on my own.»

Mika, founder of the metal band «Death and Resurrection», spends his youth having fun and getting up to no good. He is a freelance IT specialist who spends most of his free time writing songs and rehearsing with his band. He is sure the band can gain a world fame, and their hits should be rotating all around the world. But how can this be done? Very easily. Mika must die. After all, a good artist is a dead artist. He does not have to die for real, he has to pretend and ask his friends to support him.

The fame crashes on the band, but the more people become convinced of Mika’s death, the more he is forgotten about. He can not live a real life any longer, and here is when the death is only the beginning of the story. Mika has to return from the darkness of death.

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