Face Huck

Artyom Pavlov
272 pages;

A unique survey of physiognomy from a forensic examiner. Methods used by national security service.

Through a lens of characters and events the author shows how physiognomy is connected to psychology, behavior and evolution. Nobody will ever lie to you!

Here you have a scientific crime story based on real life: absorbing true stories, psychological and extremely useful episodes from a former special service expert, founder of Scientific and Research Centre «Physiognomy», psychologist, physiognomist and poligraphologist. You will learn how to face-read a person to see if you could trust him.

Inside the book:

  • Physiognomy as a science: evolution based links between face, brain and behavior;
  • The latest research and fiction-like stories;
  • Chronicles of criminal investigations and presidential campaigns;

Atryom Pavlov is an ex-special service expert, the founder of neuromarketing research center «Pavlov’s Method» and Scientific and Research Centre «Physiognomy».

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