Face Taping

Polina Troitskaya
120 pages;

Do you struggle for a smooth and toned skin? Beauty and youth are not as expensive and surgical as you might have thought. This book by a cosmetologist Polina Troitskaya is a handbook of face taping -a new trend in beauty and skin care. Over 50 applications can help any woman to get the face contours of a dream and to get rid of wrinkles and swelling. All you need is bright colorful tapes, a mirror and this book!

Polina Troitskaya — a practicing cosmetologist, certified specialist in esthetic kinesiotaping, face fitness and face massage coach.

Facetaping is a new eco trend in aesthetic medicine and it is a real chance to get the face contours you always wished for without any injections and surgery.

Following Polina’s recommendations for a mirror to show you:

  • Wrinkles disappeared.
  • Dewlap and nasolabial creases reduction.
  • Wrinkles around lips smoothed.
  • Undereye puffiness removed.
  • Eye corners lifted.
  • Brow furrow vanished.
  • Natural face contours modelled.
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