Fragile Balance

Ana Sherry
288 pages;

Over 500 000 readers online.

Please, be aware of addictive effects of Ana Sherry’s books!

Diana Oliver is a paramedic. She saves people’s lives during the day, and in the evenings she goes to bars with friends or spends time at the shooting gallery. Diana was confident — her life will always be happy and trouble-free, until the fate brought her to the top of the Italian mafia. The girl was careless, but very soon she would become a part of the criminal world, because her talent to hit the target did not go unnoticed.

Stefano Visconti is the head of Morte Nera clan used to control everything. His every transaction is successful, his every enemy is sworn. But for major operations, he needs a sniper, a man with perfect accuracy, obeying any of his orders, devoted to him. And the fragile paramedic girl is ideally suited for this role, able to cope not only with her own feelings, but also with any weapon ...

Ana Sherry’s novels are like a sip of an exquisite drink — it’s impossible to get drunk with them; Ana is an excellent proof that Russia is rich in talented writers. You can’t imagine what an emotional attraction awaits you on the pages of her books!

Ana’s writes about adult love and seemingly abiding obstacles interfering with the love — career, religion etc. Indeed, sometimes one desire to love and be loved is not enough — fate may have its own regarding the characters of the novel.

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