Harmonic Hormones. Pediatric endocrinology for parents

Yulia Sidorova
288 pages;

This book is a guide to the hormonal health of your child, from conception to adolescence.

The book is for parents who want to understand hormonal development of their children at different ages and decide whether a certain symptom is a cause for alarm or must be simply monitored. It will also be useful for parents of children with endocrine system diseases.

Stunted growth, weight problems, vitamin D deficiency, thyroid disorders, obesity, diabetes mellitus... The author suggests how to prevent these problems, maintain good health, and what to do if there are any deviations from the norm.

  • How pregnancy can influence the child’s health in the future.
  • How to monitor the weight and height of a baby.
  • What stress is and how to avoid it.
  • The link between vaccinations and endocrine diseases.
  • Sexual development in boys and girls: what is normal and what requires special attention.
    • How to prevent weight problems, vitamin D deficiency, thyroid diseases, obesity and diabetes mellitus in children.
    • How to treat predisposed hormonal diseases.
    • How to organize children’s meals, sleep and rest.
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