High Blood

Sergey Samsonov
640 pages;

Sergey Samsonov a prize-winning author and a contemporary classic of Russian literature.


The Debut Literary Award

The Yasnaya Polyana Literary Award

Finalist for The National Bestseller and the Big Book Literary Awards

The new classics from a phenomenal author – epic historical saga of the major turning point in Russian history: the rise of the Soviet power and the great war of Russians against Russians. More impressive than "War and Peace", more heartfelt than Mikhail Sholokhov’s "Quiet Flows the Don" and Boris Pasternak’s "Doctor Zhivago”, Sergey Samsonov’s new novel is about the nature of power. Rooting deep into the break of the country after the 1917 revolution, it is a story of opposition and mutual attraction between the Reds and the Whites during the Civil War.

Deadly civil war. 1920. Onslaughts of horsemen along the snowy heath of the Don and a single young security intelligence officer (chekist) – a romantic revolutionist – chasing the tumbleweed of human fates. There is it impossible to tell the whites from the reds, heroes from bastards, victims from hangmen and allegedly dead from alive. This novel is a resurrected “eastern”, written on the limit of historical credibility, a massive epic saga about the roots of outrage and evil in Russian character and human nature in general, a story about destroying power and saving love, about utopian dream and blood, which is the price to pay.

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