Hitchhiking Game Industry. Game as Business: from dream to release

Alexey Savchenko
336 pages;

You have a great idea and you are eager to create an amazing game. You would like to start work immediately, but there’s one problem: Where should you begin? Alexey Savchenko’s Hitchhiking Game Industry will be your reliable navigator in the stormy seas of game development.

What does each game start with? An idea. But an idea, no matter how brilliant, is not enough. You need a plan of action.

  • Do you need a publisher, or should you be independent?
  • Who do you delegate your document flow and marketing to?
  • Why the vertical slice is the best?
  • How will participating in game exhibitions and conferences help your studio?

The author — Alexey Savchenko is a game design expert and international speaker, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry. He knows all the pitfalls and bottlenecks in this area and offers tips and life hacks on how to choose the right strategy and start a successful game development studio. This book will set you on an optimal path for putting your idea in motion which will reap the desired result and help you to avoid common mistakes.

Play, design, and achieve success.

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