Hotelier of Death

Gleb Kascheev
448 pages;

17-year old Leo is an ordinary Moscow teenager. His life centers around two things: how to prepare for his high school exams and not fail, and where to find money so that he can go on a date with the girl he likes. Looking for a job, Leo arrives at a strange small hotel where there is a vacancy for a «night porter». The owner of the hotel, Mary, looks and acts strange, but Leo decides not to notice that because he needs money. In just a few days Leo learns that his new place of employment is in fact not just a hotel but a portal between two worlds: Moscow and Darktown. Here, om the Moscow side, he is surrounded by normal life and ordinary people, but over the threshold of Darktown he meets unknown races, demons and creatures. When Leo gets to his job, strange things start happening in the hotel, for example — ritual murder. Trying to get to the bottom of things, Leo, as instructed by the owner of the hotel, calls upon a Middle World detective to come and help him. The detective is Nika, a young and attractive woman. She quickly clarifies the situation and deals with all the problems, introducing Leo to a new world which she will willingly guide him through. A couple if days later, the owner of the hotel disappears being terified by a sudden terrible prophecy that she hears. She leaves the hotel to Leo and he becomes a real hotelier. Now he is up to not just hotel management, but regulating Moscow — Darktown portal and communication of the two worlds.

After becoming the new hotelier, he learns that he has super powers: he can create illusions and feels his hotel as if it were alive...

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