How to Be Successful in Turbulent Times. Business Tools for Life

Svyatoslav Biryulin
208 pages;

Not just your business, but your life need a strategy

About the author:

Svyatoslav Biryulin ( is an expert in strategic thinking and planning, author of several successful business books (which are actively published in Eastern Europe). Graduate of the Institute of Directors London he is a lecturer and a blogger. For more than 20 years, he has been helping top Russian and Eastern European companies create successful business strategies, including projects in which he assumed the role of the CEO. Since 2016, he has been working on his own private business consultancy practice. He teaches strategic management in business schools and for corporate clients. Since 2018, he has been actively working on the practice of personal strategies and successful life strategies. Based in Slovenia, he is holding strategic sessions in Poland, Serbia, Slovenia and Russia.

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Personal strategy is a strong thread used to string the pearls of your daily efforts.

This book is a compass that can help anyone find their direction in life and stick to it in spite of all the potential challenges and distractions. The author offers his readers not only the chance to compose their own life strategies, but explains why they need a strategy and what steps they must follow to reach the goal and not step aside your path.

The book consists of five chapters.

At first, the author suggest to have an honest and unbiased evaluation of your behavior and environment. Explaining why we are not living the life of dreams, why our loud New Year resolutions are remaining just words again and again, he proves that we continue to helplessly watch life pass by us. Here Svyatoslav Biryulin shares an example from his own life when, having left his job, he founded his own business, which did not making him any happier. He turned out to be pursuing false goals which did not correlate with his personal life strategy, a personal course based on what he really loved. The author proposes to first understand your deepest wishes and desires, and only then begin to write a strategy for your life, covering its every single aspect. «Just as a business strategy serves as a plan for its development, a life strategy is a plan for building your own destiny, in which you play a major role and in which you are happy.

The second chapter links the concept of personal strategy and happiness. Happiness is the core of any personal strategy. What is the point in planning a life without happiness? But why is it so difficult for us to allow ourselves to be happy? The author explains this psychological phenomenon and leads the reader away from the idea of «happiness by itself». Happiness is a daily job, and the author is convinced that it is the work of our hands .

The third chapter is entirely devoted to goal setting. The author clearly shows that «going with the flow» sooner or later can lead to disaster. What do we really want from life? How do we determine which goals are our own and which are imposed on us from the outside? What is really important to us? The author answers all these questions and explains what strategic life goals are, how to set them correctly, what goals are false and why it is sometimes so difficult for us to separate our deepest desires from social expectations. The author offers a list of questions driving the reader to formulating the true goals.

Setting goals is just the beginning, it is important to be able to plan your time so that every day gets you closer to them. Therefore, Chapter 4 is entirely devoted to planning. Svyatoslav Biryulin suggests using business tools — such as SWOT analysis, roadmap, checklists, wheel of change and many others — for implementing a successful life scenario. These tools will help you to be flexible and adjustable when circumstances interfere with your set aims and goals and try to kick you our of your path.

In Chapter Five, the reader will combine all his goals, values, mission and everyday efforts. In the final chapter the author talks about daily motivation and importance of habits and rituals in this matter. Where willpower ceases to work, habits continue to work. To stay on a strategic path, the author advises to organize lifestyle so that daily rituals support moments of weakness or fatigue.

In conclusion, the author reminds: «Your life is your most important project, even more important than your children, because your part in children’s life is important, but temporary. Give the project of your life enough attention and time».

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