How to Negotiate with Putin and Trump

Igor Ryzov
256 pages;
Rights sold: China, Poland;

Getting a Win Against Monsters Movers and Shakers

A higher level of negotiations when you need to convince top «monsters», who are hard to reach an agreement with on your terms. Negotiating tools are illustrated with up-to-date examples.

«Monsters» are experienced managers, top public officials or business gurus who might be difficult to find a common language with. Such people surround each of us. In his new book, Igor Ryzov describes the techniques and scenarios that will help you get on an equal footing with these monsters, and achieve win win results.

The author illustrates the tools with examples from history and various political cases. For instance, the principle of «partial agreement» is illustrated by an example that comes from Vladimir Putin, who often has to answer difficult and tricky questions.

Igor Ryzov — master negotiator, business coach. Member of Jim Camp’s effective negotiator team. Business technologies teacher since 2006. Author of open and corporate «Hard Negotiations» training sessions.

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