I Will Give you Wings

Ana Sherry
448 pages;
2 volumes;

Ana Sherry (pseudo.) Lives in Murmansk, works at the Bureau of Forensic Medicine and travels a lot. She cannot imagine her life without the sky. After she decided to write an aviation novel, she studied all available information on the pilots and flight attendants work. She also talked a lot to pilots and stewardesses to make the plot as realistic as possible. The most common questions she is asked by the fans of her novels are: «How are you connected with aviation?» and «What plane do you fly as a flight attendant?»

Here is a love-story from more romantic than Haley, more serious than Moyes.

Olivia Parker was born to fly. She will neither be stopped by personal tragedy, nor by the change of her native London to exotic Dubai, nor by the arrogant captain of the double-decker A380. Olivia is forced to enter a bet with him, and the loser will have to leave the board of the largest passenger plane. Daniel Fernandez Torres regretted three times about his decision to accept the arrogant English woman as a crew member. This girl is a storm in the clear sky, a gust of crosswind, changing the direction of the plane. Impossible, stubborn, proud and so beautiful.

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