Immunity Attacks. Why body destroys itself

Ilya Smitienko
192 pages;

Ilya Smitienko — Ph.D in Medicine, associate professor, head of the Department of Rheumatology of International Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education (Moscow), practicing rheumatologist, author of over 60 scientific publications in Russian and international medical journals.

Autoimmune disease is a condition when the immune system is aggressive to the body’s own organs and tissues with autoantibodies emerging in the blood, like a spot bombing, selectively attack certain tissue structures.

So, sometimes our main protector, the immune system, starts acting up, causing damage to our own organs and tissues. Autoimmune diseases are difficult to treat and devious. To treat them, we need to think carefully about the development and course of each particular disorder. This book contains all the available knowledge on this topic to help patients live more fulfilling lives, understand their physicians clearly and be better informed about the treatment of autoimmune diseases. You will learn to distinguish various diseases and become familiar with cutting-edge treatment plans.

The book provides the answers to essential questions such as:

  • what do we need to know about diets and lifestyle;
  • myths and facts about vaccines;
  • how do medicines work;
  • autoimmune diseases and children;
  • acute infection — what has to be done.

The book will be an excellent gift for an active person who wants to receive some cutting-edge, objective and easy to understand information regarding the ways in which autoimmune diseases affect various organs and tissues. In the book the readers will find all the fundamental up-to-date information on the most widely spread autoimmune diseases, including Hashimoto disease ,rheumatoid arthritis, muscles inflammatory diseases, psoriasis, lupus and vasculitis.

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