Immunity. Medicine vs. Medicine

Sergey Bubnovsky
176 pages;

This book is for anyone who is interested in alternative medicine.

The author of the book, a well-known physician, one of the most famous kinesiotherapists and Doctor of Medicine, professor Sergei Bubnovsky shares his personal view on this problem, which contradicts the generally accepted positions of other specialists who consider self-isolating to be the only way to protect oneself from viral infections. While the author does not deny the necessity of developing anti-viral vaccines, he also offers his own vaccine — the lifestyle according to «father of natural immunity» Ilya Mechnikov.

Sergey Bubnovsky — kinesitherapy doctor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor- is a leading specialist in non-invasive healing of pain syndromes. He practices physical rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries on the spine, after arthroplasty of large joints and after spinal cord injury. His methods are unique and do not have analogs in medical practices around the world.

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