Jesus. Historical Investigation

Yulia Latynina
544 pages;

One of the most provocative and ambiguous book written on the history of primal Christianity.

One of the most popular books in electronic format — over 50,000 copies sold.

Total hardcover print-run is 45,000 copies.

It is an open, fascinating and thrilling work that reveals real events and real people behind multi-layered myths. It is a book for those who believe in knowledge and faith does not prevent them from knowing. Disputes, sometimes on the verge of provocation, hasn’t left the readers indifferent, however we can confidently say that the opinions were not divided according to confessions. Orthodox priests and faithful Jews, historians and psychologists entered the discussion. The book was actively discussed on the leading media resources with a multimillion audience: Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, the newspapers The Moskovsky Komsomolets and The Novye Izvestia. A lively exchange of opinions took place on  popular Internet platforms, including Snob, in the blogosphere and on social networks. Yulia Latynina was compared to outstanding biblical writers of the past and opportunistic authors of contemporary historical «sensations».

The most irreconcilable opponents called the book «anti-Christian pamphlet», while others saw it as a demonization of Judaism. However, it is difficult not to agree with the opinion of Dmitry Bykov — a well-know Russian fiction author and publicist — on the investigation of Julia Latynina: «God tortures her as a problem. She recognizes him in herself... This is a deeply religious book

About the author:

Yulia Latynina is a world-renowned journalist, columnist for leading Russian media and a  New York Times author, writer and certified researcher.

About the book:

«Jesus. Historical Investigation»

The unsurpassed analyst whose loud revelations have made the author actually persona non grata in modern Russia, uses the sharpened toolkit of political investigations in search of sources of Christianity.

The book recognizes the latest discoveries of academic science and is based on a huge array of sources. Bold critical analysis of well-known and recently discovered texts, from the Talmud to Dead Sea Scrolls, canonical and apocryphal gospels and apocalypses, leads to sensational conclusions about the primal Christian doctrine.

«Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews» — was Jesus of Nazareth a victim of Pharisees’ slander or was he indeed proclaimed king of his people? Did his words «my kingdom is not of this world» mean abandoning earthly dominion or justifying the right to command? The author offers to understand his personality and his time in order to answer the key questions related to the birth of Christianity and the events that have become а borderline in the history of mankind.

You will learn about the centuries-long struggle between Jewish communities and sects, among which the House of David held the primacy. You will learn how his heirs raised the banner of national liberation struggle against foreign domination and led the most revolutionary, radical and irreconcilable of the movements, which did not recognize any compromise and did not stop at any sacrifice.

You will clearly see the events that developed in Judaea on the eve of the New Era and open the reasons for the curse of King Herod the Great. Immerse yourself in the fierce debates of the Jewish sects around Satan and the angels, about the possibility of going to heaven and resurrecting in the flesh, about the flying Messiah and the Wild Man.

The book makes us part with the illusion of innocent-lamb-preachers of peace and love. Jesus’s «Fourth sect», born in hatred of the Roman invaders and their followers, called for a holy war and committed unbelievable acts of revolutionary violence. The takeover and looting of the Temple of Jerusalem, a great and the richest sacred complex, reliably fortified and guarded by a select guard, was one of the events that shook the imagination of contemporaries.

The book sheds light on the facts and circumstances that Christian theologians were diligently wiping out of all the texts available to them — including the Bible — for almost two thousand years. You will have to get acquainted anew with the original history of the world religion, full of revolutionary passions, fanatical faith and self-denial of its adherents.

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