Kiss of Tiger

Wild nature, living in taiga, bitter fate trials while saving the legendary predators
240 pages;

Amazing stories by Pavel Fomenko — biologist and professional huntsman — about the wildlife of the taiga, and a man rescuing legendary predators are a real gift from the World Wildlife Fund to all who are not indifferent to nature. Pavel Fomenko — head of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) program for the conservation of rare species. He was awarded the Small Gold Medal of the Russian Geographical Society for his contribution to the protection of nature. In 2018, a wild tigress attacked Pvel and seriously wounded him. But he continues to do the work of his life — he saves nature.

This bright and distinctive prose born in nature is fundamentally different from modern urban one. It is full of energy and genuine love to the mission of entire life.

«The author’s stories contain endless love for his profession. The profession of a huntsman, which is an exclusively Russian type of worldview — the worldview of the owner and respondent for nature and, of course, a holy attitude to the taiga. The huntsman, like the hunter, is a peasant, only instead of log walls and a ceiling — endless taiga and mountains for hundreds of miles. Territory of responsibility. Pavel Fomenko knows what to take from the taiga, and when to give her all of himself. This is the difference between the true conservationists of nature from hypocritical „tree huggers“. This book must be read to children so that they grow up to have long-suffering and wonderful earth on their mind before money. , for which each of us is responsible: from the Baltic Ocean to the Pacific.» — Mikhail Tarkovsky, writer, poet.

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