Lazy Mom. Emotionally Smart. Lazy Mom Tips for Raising Kids with High EQ

Anna Bykova
128 pages;
full color;

Children play and learn to understand and regulate their emotional world.

Maths, chess, foreign languages — every parent knows why to teach those to a child. What about understanding emotions, being sensitive to your own heart and soul, being empathic to the others, self-controlling? Is it possible to teach these things to children and what for?

Anna Bykova explains to parents how to teach emotions to children and how to do that easily and enjoy it. You will find examples of dialogues with children, engaging exercises, games, to help children make friends with emotions.

  • By the bestselling author of Lazy Mom series.
  • Emotional intelligence through games, dialogues, exercises.
  • Hands-on guide to promote core EQ skills in your child.
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