Lazy Mom. How To Raise an Individual

Anna Bykova
272 pages;
First published in April 2016;
200 000 copies sold;

Translations: Bulgarian, Georgian, Romanian, Vietnamese, Latvian, Estonian, Slovak, Czech, Serbian, Chinese, Mongolian, Azerbaijanian

Anna Bykova lives is Ekaterinburg, Russia. Studied in Ural State Pedagogical University (teacher of maths), The Liberal Arts University (consulting psychologist), International Institute of Integrative Psychology (integrative psychologist, art therapist). Works as children’s and family psychologist, an art therapist and a teacher of art therapy, lecturer of seminars, trainings, therapeutic groups for adults, teenagers and children.

Her parenting and also teaching approach went viral across Russia, Asia and Western Europe.

What is the difference between a Lazy Mom and an idle mom? A Lazy Mom tries and does much more for her child than a mom who would rather do everything herself for her children (it is faster, after all), and give them everything they might want here and now.

Lets give children (even the smallest ones) freedom to make choices and opportunity to be responsible for their choices.

«What is best for the child? What can help them develop?» We all want our children to grow up to be independent adults, and for that you must first and foremost give them freedom of choice. This book will help you set everything in order.

  • The book will tell you how to make your children independent, reflective, well-adapted to adult life, and how to avoid turning them into sissies.
  • When you teach your child to be independent, you make life easier for both yourself and the child; you give the child an opportunity to do many things independently, and not be helpless and unsure of themselves.
  • The Book for ‘lazy moms’ will give you many answers to popular things moms want to know, such as: «How to potty-train,» «How to teach a child to eat,» «How to listen and hear the first time around,» «How to fall asleep on his own,» «How to teach the child to play alone and clean up after playing», etc.

This is not a book about and for those moms who watch their favorite TV show while their child is cutting something with a knife in the kitchen or setting the neighbor’s cat on fire. This is not a call for complete freedom, nor is it about spending time on your phone while your child is busy figuring out his problems.

This book is about adequate, interested, and reasonable moms who want their children to be independent, active, talented, and overall able.

And, (spoiler alert): this does not mean sacrificing yourself or your life!

English sample available.

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