Lazy Mom Keeps Kalm

Anna Bykova
288 pages;
180 000 copies sold;

This book is not so much about guidance as it is about the personality, harmony, and peace of mind in circumstances when you cannot travel to a retreat or have an hour of yoga every morning, and when your life feels like a perpetual rush.


But not so much the psychology of the child as the mom’s psychology. What do we feel when our child seems to be coming straight from hell? Why do we feel that way and what can you do to stay sane and refrain from losing your cool? The book in a calm and relaxing manner tells you that everything will be okay, and gives you instruments to achieve this balance faster.

WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR: definitely for mothers.

Especially for those moms who feel guilty about their child-rearing sessions and for those who are lost in their anger and resentment.

WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT — After reading this book you will gain a better understanding of yourself and your emotions, and will learn to control them.

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