Mara and Morok

Lia Arden
384 pages;

«Those like me are called Maras — marked by Morana the goddess of death herself. «Once upon a time, my six sisters and I had our own way.

Back then, people respected us and asked for mercy. They brought us offerings and prayed to us. But 200 years ago, everything changed when Prince Serata dared to raise his hand against one of us.

I tried to take revenge, but we all died. Now the rulers of Araken, mired in a long war with their neighbor Serat, have decided to bring me back to life. Give me a second chance for revenge and freedom by binding me to someone I will never go against. Those like him are called Morok, and absolutely everyone is afraid of them.»

The second book in the successful World Hunters series, which contains the highlights of modern fantasy and fiction.

«Mara and Morok» — a cocktail of dark fantasy, young adult novel and Slavic mythology.

Thrilling plot, unusual setting, storytelling in two time lines.

The story of the resurrected Mara, the one chosen by the goddess of death and Morok, the servant of Darkness, who resurrected her. Murders. Betrayals. Love.

Leah Arden is the author of novels popular in the Network. Leads a personal blog about books and Korea (17,000 subscribers on Instagram and 65,000 subscribers on YouTube).

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