Merciful Death.Medical Reports. Those Who Feel Our Pulse

Segey Efremenko
336 pages;

If you ask a resuscitator why he remembers only sad stories, he will think and answer that the lives he saved are, of course, the majority ... But those whom he sent to glory are forever in his heart.

Saving lives in Russia is a difficult and thankless job. Tactless colleagues, lack of professionalism, lack of medicines and equipment, difficult weather conditions - this is only a small part of what an ordinary doctor has to face in his work. But even in the darkest hour there is always hope, which lives in the heart of the mother, waiting for her beloved son to wake up from a coma, and it is in the heart of the doctor who struggled for his life for several hours, but is still not sure if he won the battle.

The stories in this book are not fictional. They are collected bit by bit by a resuscitator who made a brilliant career in Russia and abandoned everything when they tried to rob him of the most valuable thing - humanity. This is an honest story about what you can’t recognize without wearing a medical gown; about why many doctors believe in God, and how saving one alien life can change your own.

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