Mind Blown

Irina Galeeva
208 pages;

What happens to our nervous system during the day? How does our brain react to caffeine, alcohol, falling in love, sleep? Is it possible to slow down the heartbeat with thought or die of happiness? All these questions will be answered in the book by a neurologist Irina Galeyeva. The book is written in a manner of a fiction story.

You will be able to live one day with a neurological fun, drink the first cup of coffee, learn how not to fall asleep at work during a boring meeting, what the neurologist pays attention to during the examination and much more. This book is a fascinating guide to the nervous system, join us!

Attention! The information contained in this book cannot serve as a substitute for a medical consultation. You should consult a specialist before taking any recommended actions.

Amazing facts:

  • The brain loves sweets and alcohol! That’s what evolution is all about: we’re looking for the most effective food to feed the brain, and squashy, glucose-rich fruits start to ferment and smell tempting alcohol.
  • In most cases, the twitching eye is just benign myokimia, a natural reaction of the nervous system to fatigue and stress.
  • About 500 000 people in the world are cyborgs wearing cochlear implants, which are essentially implanted in the nervous system.
  • Sensitivity to music explains jamming some tunes in the head, it is called an earworm, and listening to music in headphones really destroys hearing.
  • The Wartenberg Wheel, which was originally invented for neuroscientists, can be found in sex shops.
  • Right out of the centre of the retina, which we perceive images, comes the optic nerve, so we have an empty spot in the centre of our field of vision.
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