Monster and Beasts

Barbara Morrigan
488 pages;

Takuta is a pathologist. Not a bad profession for those who can see into the past of people by touching them... Will he see his own reflection in the beast, or, after taking a look around, realize that he has been surrounded by monsters all along?

Takuta has been different ever since his childhood. With just one touch, the boy could travel back to any moment in a person’s past. This ability made him lonely and inhibited. When Takuta turned 33, and his parents died, he finally left his native city and headed to the city of his dreams that he had long wanted to visit. When he got there, he was employed as a pathologist. After all, he only felt confident around dead people. He had just one assistant, Sam. This boy was quite clumsy but Takuta cared for him in his own way. When he got to the city, he learned that there was a monster living in the nearby caves, and every year Captain Ree and his guards would go to the caves to kill it. But every year all the hunters die, and Ree has to find a new team. Takuta was instantly fascinated by this monster known as Reira. Only the captain could help him, but he wouldn’t. One day, Captain Ree came to Takuta’s lab, carrying a dead girl. Ree asked Takuta to use his abilities and plunge into the girl’s past. In exchange, Ree promised that he would give Takuta all the information about Reira that he had collected over the years of his raids. Takuta agreed with this offer. Having penetrated the girl’s past, he finally saw the mysterious monster in the caves through her eyes. He instantly decided he wanted to get to know it better. The better Takuta studied Reira, the more clearly he saw that it was not Reira who was the monster.

Barbara Morian has been always living in writing, she has a lot of experience in and started working on prose in 2015. She is a fantasy writer by nature, and her plots are always so unusual and amazing, one can hardly believe.

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