Mother-in-Law’s Diary

Maria Metlitskaya
320 pages;
Hard cover;
2016 ;

Key selling points:

  • total print run 175 000 copies;
  • this book should be handed out to every newlywed couple right after they give their vows;
  • therapy for new mothers-in-law.

Has your son instantly changed a lot? Texting all the time, speaking on the phone for hours and answering to you without even bothering to listen? Well, the diagnosis is clear: he is in love, and maybe you are not that far away from becoming a mother-in-law. In this case, you should read this book, because it would be excellent psychotherapy for you.

Or, maybe, you are that girl who turned a young guy into a goopy crazy head? Well, then this book is for you as well, as every mother-in-law was also a daughter-in-law once. And – most importantly – every daughter-in-law will most likely become a mother-in-law in future!

Maria Metlitskaya is a talented narrator. She writes about women’s lives that seem all ordinary when you initially look at them. Prince Charming does not ride a white horse under their windows. They do not marry millionaires and do not get awards at beauty contests. They are just ordinary people with problems everybody has. However, this is exactly the reason why Maria Metlitskaya’s novels are so successful. Her book is like talking to an old trusty friend that can support and give a good advice when needed.

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