New Optics for Art. Museum Secrets

Maria Santi
256 pages;

Maria Santi — an art-expert and arts communicator, journalist and interviewer. She travels the world museums to find hidden masterpieces and offers a new optics you can use to look at art hits.

Have you heard about Leonardo? You must be imagining an old man looking gloomily form the most famous self-portrait in art history... Shame on you! Leonardo was a dandy, a fashionista and generally a flamboyant man. Besides, there are more surprises on the way: Michelangelo scorned people, and the most famous Egyptian was an immigrant.

Well, yes, world of art is full of myths and enigmas, which got stuck in our memory. Maria Santi is here to swipe the myths out, to help you solve the enigmas and learn more amazing facts about art.

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