No Road

Darya Kandalintseva
352 pages;

This contemporary young adult fantasy novel on friendship and betrayal novel was originally published in 2017 on the internet as an abridged version. Due to its multi-layered narration where subtle details intertwine to form a fascinating story it shortly became popular with more than 10 000 readers across various self-pub platforms.

Anya is an ordinary girl-next-door. She graduated from High School and is currently working at a book store while dreaming of being accepted to the University. Yet, once she meets a mysterious guy named Nickk, everything changes: Nickk turns out to be a guest from a far-away Galaxy. However, Nickk is not the only alien on Earth. There are others, who are looking for something special and valuable here. Why do Anya and Nickk feel such a strange bond between each other? Why have they seen each other in their dreams? Why someone is following Anya, and what do they want from her? Has it anything to do with the papers that her father has left, before heading out to an archeological expedition? In the search for the answers, the main characters will have to travel across half of the world.

No space ships or complicated technologies. The true science is the one that looks like pure magic.

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