Numbers Game: Analytics in Video Games

Vasily Sabirov
376 pages;

What is a successful game formula? A unique idea? A team of developers and designers who are ready to put all their efforts into a project? Why do people abandon some games even before they finish reading the tutorial, while they play other games for years? Ask the game analyst!

A successful game consists not only of challenging game levels and attractive design. Above all, it is a balanced combination of a large number of factors that together create a positive user experience. Such a game engages and retains users, and, of course, brings in profit.

Vasily Sabirov, co-founder of the  analytical platform, knows how to level up your game. You will learn the main tools, metrics and indicators to be considered if you want to launch a successful and long-term project. You will learn why an inadequate report design can damage your game, and how to avoid common mistakes. The author draws on specific examples to show how games become more successful, balanced and profitable with the help of correct game analytics «settings.» Analytics is not just about finding bottlenecks, but also determining points of growth.

This is the first book ever to cover game analytics and metrics of any successful game, along with ways of analyzing indicators and methods to improve them. It will also tell you how to analyze, influence and change player behavior to suit your goals. The book will be of use to game developers as well as studio owners who want to improve their game scores.

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