Orion’s Belt

Tatyana Ustinova
352 pages;

Talented scriptwriter Antonina Morozova is happily married to famous film director Alexander. Who would ever have thought that one day her ideal life would turn into a detective script?

Antonina’s husband decided to visit an old friend — a chef Kondrat Yermolaev, who lived in Nizhny Novgorod. Having never heard this name from her husband before (but does Alexander have few old friends?) Antonina decided to join her husband on the trip, to get acquainted with the mysterious Kondrat and finish the next script in the ancient Russian city.

While Antonina was spending most of her time in a hotel room trying to finish her work, her husband and his friend met at last after a long break and got pretty. In the midst of fun Kondrat’s wife — a brilliant TV presenter Gella Pontiskaya came home. The spouses quarreled, Gella left and... never came back.

In the morning, Kondrat woke up alone, in oblivion. Gella’s car was in the yard, empty. Soon Kondrat was arrested on suspicion of killing his wife: the housekeeper testified against him. Antonina got to find out what happened to Gella and who Kondrat and her own husband really were...

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