Patrick’s Syndrome

Nadezhda Kobina, Elena Starostina
304 pages;

This is sensational in the world of personal branding! There are tons of books describing tools and techniques for personal brand development — all of them have an instant effect, but reader’s motivation is also a momentum.

None of this load of books speak about reasons that prevent people from managing their reputation in the long term and means of overcoming internal barriers on the way to success.

Nobody has ever dig that deep into human subconscious and given that many transformative tools for creating a powerful and long lasting personal brand.

Hundreds and thousands of people deserve to be acknowledged by the society for their ideas and achievements, and simply for their high professionalism. However, they remain in the shadow. They spend money hiring coaches, listen to numerous lectures and courses, read thousands of books and articles. They already possess all the necessary instruments, but they don’t use them. This has to be changed!

This book is an explosive mixture of life stories, deep psychoanalysis and practical recommendations from PR-professionals. It describes 21 psychological barrier and tools for overcoming them. After reading this book you will be able to:

  • Set yourself free from sneaking emotions;
  • Put the barriers out of your way to achievements;
  • Make confident steps to acknowledgement;

More than 50 practical tasks, tests, hints, graphics and tables make the book a practical guide — easy to use and exciting to read.


Nadezhda Kobina — founder and CEO of personal branding agency «Cosmos-4». Created instruments for business reputation management including matrix theory of personal branding.

Elena Starostina — co-founder of personal branding agency «Cosmos-4». Author of MBTI for personal brand course.

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