Pet Love Praise

Nastya Bobkova and Nadya Pigareva
336 pages;
25 000 copies sold!;

Eat Pray Love Pet Love Praise

This book isn’t a training manual, you won’t find any recommendations on how to teach your dog and make it ideal for three sessions. It describes the principles of dog’s behaviour and helps you both build a working and friendly relations. The book is written on the basis of extencive experience of the authors who’ve been working with problem dogs, and with perfect «mummy’s little bunnies». You will learn that any inconvenience in dog-human interaction can be eliminated. It’s not a tedious dog manual, but a tool for getting extra pleasure out of dog breeding. Once you’ve read it, you’ll learn to understand your dog well, to show and recognize love, and your life together will be richer and more fun.

Nastya Bobkova and Nadya Pigareva, founder of the Pi-Bo school of applied dog training and behavioral correction. For many years they have been helping dog owners to fix problems in their interactions with dogs. Thousands of Pi-Bo customers and cadets have confirmed that after Nastya and Nadia visit, a new comfortable life with the dog begins. Their experience, backed up by extensive theoretical knowledge, is what they describe in this book.

Each chapter is a short and fun story about how to understand your dog and help it understand you. You’ll also find answers to some of the most uncomfortable questions from dogs’ lives and a few persistent myths about pets.

You’ll find out:

  • how to respond to dog fears,
  • the benefits of the cage and the harm of roulette,
  • where to get the strength to fight bad dog habits and what habits are not so bad.
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