Playful Days. Games for 1-3 and 3-5

Anna Kupriyanova
64 pages;
full color insert;

Young parents get lost from the abundance of information on child development, collect many manuals and do not know what and when is relevant. The author of the book, Anna Kupriyanova (@peonnika), a popular preschool teacher, will arrange everything on the shelves!

This manual is a ready game plans to make everyday life easier for moms and provide effective development, but in reality a great fun, for their kids! The author will teach you how to play with your child, give you a scheme of interaction with him and discuss basic guidelines. Mothers will only have to read the tasks how to spend time with their little students with quality and pleasure. At the very end of the book the necessary stencils for the tasks are packed.

Is early child development so good? Personal opinion of the author of this manual, Anna Kupriyanova, is as follows: development should be harmonious, and it is better for a mother not to have illusions that her child will do what she wants. However, not everyone understands this. We are all individuals, you have to admit it, accepting your child unconditionally. At the same time it is important to know how get your child involved into a game. The author’s approach is — a child should not be taught, but he should be interested and involved.

Several rules of Anna Kupriyanova’s games:

  1. Your child will never get involved into something that’s not interesting to you. If you expect a c preschooler, especially a toddler, to be interested in what is not interesting to you, nothing good will come out of it.
  2. The most important example for the child is the mother. If you want your child to clean up his toys, see if you follow this rule with your staff. You want your child to say hello when he enters the elevator, be the first to say hello.
  3. If you are not in the mood for playing, don’t start!
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