Practical Psychosomatics. How Emotions and Thoughts Program Diseases

Artem Tolokonin
352 pages;

In his book, Artem Tolokonin, Ph.D in medicine and psychotherapist, analyzes and explores the blueprint of diseases, even if the conflict existed in your family several generations before you were born. The doctor is sure that your body knows the answer and can tell you about it. You just need to see what your subconscious wants to show you.

«We create our health problems ourselves.» Consider this sentence not as a point of blame but as a point of research — your disease is a way for the body to adapt to a stressful unresolved situation.

Allergy is a reaction of the body to a shock event in the past related. Stomach problems happen when you cannot stand something, whether people, work or certain situation. Infertility is often the consequence of the fear of motherhood. Chronic sore throats happen when you have not voiced some of your concerns. Quincke’s edema masks the fear of death. Herpes appears due to fear of death or when you lose control over your life. Psoriasis is a reaction to separation from close relatives.

Any disease appears due to internal, not external factors, that is, emotional hypertension and stress.

Psychotherapist Artyom Tolokonin suggests that we shouldn’t fight against disease but study it. Relax, and use this state of relaxation to manage your condition. The doctor draws on the cases of his own patients to study the reasons for various diseases and offers healing texts that can change your thoughts and let you focus on getting better.


«Why me?» is the most difficult question that every person has to ask themselves when they fall ill. And if the patient is willing and bold enough to look for an answer, their chances of recovering improve greatly. This is not as easy as taking some «miracle pill» that every patient dreams of; the problem is no magic pill exists. But there are some remarkable peculiarities and hidden reserves of the human psyche, which Artyom Tolokonin discusses in a highly engaging manner.

«Practical Psychosomatics» is a guide through the maze of diseases of all human organs and systems, which comes complete with treatment recommendations. The book is organized just the way I like it: it’s brief yet and informative, even for physicians, while still accessible for people with no medical education. Artyom’s professional recommendations are clear and the case studies are practical.» Natalya Zubareva, general practitioner, preventive medicine physician and author of the book «Hormonal Waltz».

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