Proxy War

Nikolay Starikov
416 pages;

What is war? Achieving political goals by special methods. And if you achieve them using others? If you use other states and entire nations, manipulating and directing them in your interests?

Nikolay Starikov investigates history of creation and use of «proxy» in world politics. You will know:

  • How the USA proclaimed itself, and where did the Texas separatists «Alamo Heroes» come from.
  • How London and Paris brought Hitler to power and how Poland became his ally.
  • Why did the West foment a rebellion in Budapest in 1956.
  • Why Stalin was convinced that Germany would not attack the USSR, and why Hitler attacked.
  • How the «allies» during World War II helped USSR so that help did not reach. The terrible story of the caravan PQ-17

and other, equally revealing episodes of manipulation of entire countries and peoples.

The war is inexorable. It is absolute. Today it is a proxy war....

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