Oleg Roy
208 pages;
hard cover;

Have you ever thought how much the memory of your graduation party is worth? Or what price tag would you put on the memory of your first love? Are you willing to sell some insignificant memory of your life? Some petty memory that you don’t need to remember? Sell a piece of the past for very real money that can help you solve the problems of today. Are you in?

Some mysterious Ragwoman buys good memories. Someone who sells their memories forgets all about them. Or, something that had once give you joy and made you remember good things, will cause only disgust after you sell that memory. What will happen to a human being once they are rid of good memories? What will happen to their life or personality, and how will the perception of the world change? We will see all that in minute detail.

Andrey Shelaev’s fate was far from envious: the crisis of 2009 destroyed his business, his wife ran off with an artist, sued her former husband for all his money and won, and his friends turned their backs on him after all his failures. He thought that he would never climb out of the abyss he found himself in. It was at that moment that a strange woman approached him and offered a deal that the seasoned businessman could not have ever imagined. Andrey easily agreed to... sell his own happy memories — after all, life is long, and new happy memories will come.

After graduating from the Pedagogical Institute, Oleg Roy first worked as a teacher, and was gradually promoted to the position of principal at a boarding school. Then he decided to move to Switzerland and lived there for 11 years. Upon his return to Russia, he began publishing actively and became one of the leading authors at EKSMO Publishers. He also writes books for children and has published several children’s novels. His books have been adapted into films and TV series.

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