Alexey Polyarinov

Prize-winning author concentrates on the study of present-day sects in his light yet psychologically deep new novel.

The author does not give his own assessment but allows his readers to make up their own mind about the nature of good and evil. The story of Yuri Garin, professor of the University of Missouri, reveals him as both an abuser and a victim. As we find out more and more details, we start noticing mythological and mystical dimensions.

Kira lives in a closed northern town Sulim, which citizens earn their living by killing and selling rare animals. Lee is in the campus of a USA university conducting a survey on the edge of contemporary art and anthropology. Tanya is in Moscow making her own documentary. Totally unnoticed evil crawls into their lives and threatens to destroy them. Or has it always been there? But what was the trigger?

Honest and sometimes harsh the book is true to life, and you cannot help thinking that you wished the entire story were true.

Reef is a novel about eternal war between generations, an author’s research of religious cults, where ancient rituals mix with present day reality, and acute real-life plots hide mystic dimensions. Everyone can encounter a reef, but everyone survives the crash in his own way.

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