Secret of First Year. Celebrating the start of great life

Marina Meliya
288 pages;

From the best-selling author of «Let the Child Be», professor of psychology and top Russian coach.

First print-run — 20 000 copies!

Many parents believe that their child just needs care and love in the first year of life — that’s all about parenting. This couldn’t be further from the truth! It is now scientifically proven that whether a person grows up determined or weak-willed, sociable or withdrawn, quick-witted or not very smart, largely depends on how much the mother invests in the first 12 months.

The author, Marina Melia, a psychologist with forty years of practical experience, includes many up-to-date and incredibly important scientific data in the field of baby and child psychology in her book.

The book will help mothers lay the basis for the child’s character and intellectual development, form long lasting mother-child connection.

The main focus of is on how to:

  • lay the basis for what kind of person your baby will become;
  • develop your child’s intellect;
  • forge reliable family connections;
  • select the perfect nanny.
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