Secrets of Successful Families

Artem Tolokonin
224 pages;

Three reasons to read this book:

  • These methods have been formed as a result of many years of research and observation;
  • Examples are taken from real life and famous movies;
  • The book is set up as the author’s dialogue with readers in a way that allows them to get answers to all their stirring questions.

We all come from families: wealthy or not, happy or not so much. We all know very well what a family is and what it should be, but what our knowledge means in real life? Is it the scenario set by our parents that would lead to a collapse of our own marriage? In this book, the author has reviewed the bases that hold the family. He is certain: all family relations could be improved, restored and built further by the laws of unconditional, mature love.

This book is for:

  • The families in crisis.
  • People who are not married yet, but is dreaming of building a strong and loving family.
  • For professional psychologists.
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