Successful Parents = Successful Kids? Simple Rules of Wise Parents

Marina Melia
208 pages;
Rights Sold: Lithuania.;

We all want our children to be successful, independent, and happy. So we actively help them to organize their lives, control their behavior, and keep nagging them and telling them how to behave. But our direct influence is very often useless.

Marina Melia is a psychologist with 40 years of experience who works and consults in France and Russia. She proposes a more effective approach: we should leave our children alone and focus instead on ourselves, our own words and deeds.

The author examines particular examples from her practice of consulting families of top businesspersons and high-rank officials and provides algorithms for wise parents behavior that help solve unsolvable problems.

  • How do we establish borders?
  • How do you admonish your child without a brawl?
  • When is traveling bad for children?
  • How do you help your child in his or her conflict with a teacher?
  • Why is it harmful to be friends with your child?
  • What if you see your child’s friend influences him badly?
  • What do you do when your child does not want anything?

This book is about setting boundaries. It’s about freedom, fears, bullying, pocket money, immaturity, and much more. Most importantly, this book will remind us of parenting essence: our main task as parents is to serve as the best example to our children. We must never lose our composure, learn to hear out and listen to our children, never attempt to buy their affections, and never be an eternal critic, etc.

The author’s voice is very optimistic and makes you feel that all your parenting mistakes can be corrected — you only have to top fighting with your own child. If you want to fight, fight for, not against him. Always remind yourself that our children are the reflection of ourselves.

Marina Melia was a psychologist in national sport teams, was the head of the laboratory of Professional Sport Psychology at the All-Union Research and Development Institute of Physical Education, then headed the Soviet-American ECOPSY Psychological Center and served as the General Director of RHR Int. Consulting Company. She has been providing psychological coaching and consultancy services to top Russian businessmen. She is regularly published in the leading business and psychology media, and is the author of business and parenting bestsellers.

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